Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Freezing To Death
It's only 60 degrees here in Sunny Florida! Last night it got down into the 40's, and I don't mind telling you that I am freezing my Yankee Butt Off! We turned the heat on last week and last night I turned it up to 75 degrees, so this morning at 5:46 AM every smoke alarm in my house went off, evidently the heat got the vents and lints warm enough to create a bit of friction and off they went! Our daughters were coming out of their rooms, I'm running, (Yeah, Right!) to turn the heat down and make sure we weren't really on fire...My wife, didn't phase her one bit...we did this last winter too! Hopefully we're going to warm up by the weekend...I have turned into a Floridian, came to the office this morning with layers of clothing, a t-shirt, a shirt, a lined jacket, and I wore socks! What is this world coming to?


Anonymous said...

Dude, believe it or not, we are almost that warm up here. We were near 60 today and will hit it tomorrow. Stange weather.

Anonymous said...

yes but did you still wear the flip flops with the socks? this is a test of true Floridian ( I have seen this since Ive been here rofl )

Neil said...

What are socks? I barely wear socks to church...No, you don't wear them with flip flops! Are you crazy?

The truest way to live in Florida is to watch northerners, how they act and dress, and do the opposite! You will see them with sleeveless mess shirts, plaid bermuda shorts, wing tipped shoes, and knee socks...Yankees!

I was thinking of you guys this week, been a cold November, it isn't usually this bad, but it's warming and will be nice for Christmas. All the parks do special rates for Florida residents, you may want to check some of that out, Downtown Disney and Universal Citiwalk are free and fun to run around at, we do them at night!