Thursday, November 30, 2006

Remember To Read
This morning I received a devotional that quoted Dr. H.A. Ironside and John Wesley concerning the importance of reading, especially when it comes to believers and ministers in particular. From the time I was a child I've loved reading, read at an eighth grade level when I was is second grade. It has been my habit over the years to read everything I can get my hands on, often having books next to my bed, in the bathroom, in the family room, and at the office...I didn't say I finished them all, just read lots of stuff. Over the past few years I've slowed down some, gotten busy, and to be truthful, I've gotten lazy, by the time I get home from the office I don't want to think, so I sit in front of the television or even the computer, but don't stretch my mind. Today I was reading some blogs and came across the profile of one man who under the tab of favorite books put, "Love To Read". It stirred something in my spirit, the Bible teaches us to give attendance to Bible reading, the Apostle Paul while prison asked for books to be brought to him...I've never seen a bookstore that didn't absolutely have something I needed...or wanted at least...I'm going to give myself to a fresh dedication to reading! When our oldest daughter was entering kindergarten she wanted to know if she would learn how to read. For Kaitlin it was the highlight of her educational life to learn how to read, and now she reads all the time, is a straight A student and has determined that her life goal is to be an attorney...a mind is a terrible thing to waste! So my challenge today is Remember To Read!

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