Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Being Missional
Ok, I sound like a broken record, talking about the same thing...again...Being Missional! Have you ever noticed how faddish we are in America? Have you ever noticed that few people, especially churches, follow through and simply become what they started out to become? It seems to me that we're constantly trying to reinvent the wheel and that it must be confusing to the people we minister to because one minute this is the way it should be, the next minute we were doing it all wrong and need to do it this way...and we wonder why we aren't getting very far.
Being a believer is totally about change, being new creations, about going from glory to glory, from one level to the next...but it's also about knowing who we are, what we're all about, and getting there...bringing as many with us as possible. It seems to me that being missional is about having a clear cut understanding of who we are, of what God desires for us to accomplish and developing that mission as our will require tweaking and adjustments, it will means some things remain and some things have to go, nothing in this life last forever, even the good stuf...I mean afterall, the chalk board was cutting edge at one point...not anymore...But being a missional person in my opinion means that I have identified who my loyalty is to, and am committed to carrying out His plan, adjusting my life and methods...but never losing my identity in that my ministry, the church or ministries I am associated with never lose sight of the goal, it never becomes lost in the is always clear...Or I am I just dreaming?
After almost 28 years in full time ministry I still want to win people to Jesus, to build a multi-ethnic congregation that has destroyed the barriers that have hindered previous generations. I desire to see people worship in total abandon to the Lord, for dynamic praise and worship to pour out of the lives of a people totally consumed with God. I pray for a church that is missions minded, one that reaches out of itself into the lives of others, a generous church, that loves and lives to give...a church that provides for others and itself all the things necessary to minister to the people that are presently in attendance and for those that are to come...a prophetic church, one that hears the voice of God and one that speaks like a lion roaring, sounding out the message of apostolic church, one that is not content to keep what it has inside, but sends out ministers, members, and missionaries into the harvest...a training church, one that understands the need to prepare before propelling...Am I dreaming? Am I missional?

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Darrell said...

Are you dreaming? Yes, you are. But that's a good thing. Whe we stop dreaming, we stop growing and we have no more need for faith.
That's my dream too Neil. And I have to say that while we are no where near there yet, I see it beginning to shape that way here. Sometimes I get so frustrated, as it seems just as we begin to move forward in the right direction, something comes along and knocks us backward. But I keep dreaming.
I live by this motto: "Dreams Come True."