Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Where Are Your Accusers?
I read something today that has got me thinking, the question was asked if the male prostitute that exposed Pastor Ted Haggard for homosexuality and drug use had been arrested...after all, while Pastor Haggards acts were illegal and sinful, so were this prostitutes...And, someone has to pay, it's the American way...it's the way of humanity...exposure requires recompense! Don't get me wrong, I think Haggards acts are shameful, that he should be removed from the ministry and restored...and restored...and restored...To God, the church, and prayerfully his family, let's do it in this order: God, his family, and the church. Chances are he will never be in the limelight again, he may never have a national audience, and perhaps should never, but what a loss to the body of Christ it would be if this man was lost for eternity and if after a period of restoration, a time in which his issues are resolved, his family and marriage restored, and his wife in total agreement...was not given the opportunity to minister to others from the lessons he has learned from this tragedy in his life! Ted Haggard is out of the limelight now, forgotten by the media, and so is his accuser, he had a moment in history and now he's forgotten too. I wonder if anyone reached out to him? Do you think anyone shared with him the power of the Blood of Jesus and the Gospel to set him free? Wonder if he will face the music for his actions, for his sins, or will he ride into the sunset, laughing at the stupid christian that couldn't control his emotions? Should this man get away scott free? I don't have an answer that I can share, I'm asking you...what do you think? If it were you, where would your accusers be?


Anonymous said...

hmmm its 2 am so jsut going to post this then a more reasonable one later... lol

but the question reminded me of the story with the woman they wanted to stone and Jesus writing in the sand... and asking "let the person without sin cast the first stone"
wait got that backwards.. he asked the question first wrote in the sand and then when he stood up aske dher where the accusers were...

ROFL OK I'm going to bed I killed that one didn't I?

Well hopefully you know which storyI'm talking about.. your question reminds me very much of that.

ruthrap said...

If we all were to own up to our own shortcomings and admit to all the sin in our lives, perhaps we would not be so quick to condemn others. Is it the degree of the sin that matters to everyone or the fact that it was exposed? Also the fact of who did the sinning is a major factor in how severe the judgment is going to be. Let's face it, this dude was certainly not expected to be guilty of such a major sin! But, if he had been a nobody, it wouldn't have been a big deal.
To my way of thinking, we have no right to judge him anymore than we would a person not as famous of committing the same sin! We are all equal in God's eyes, are we not?

Anonymous said...

The only real difference between him and us, is that he was caught. Paul told Timothy, in 5:24
Some men's sins are open beforehand, going before to judgment; and some men they follow after. I'm not bound anymore to some of my past sins, but I still don't look forward to standing before Him at judgement day and having to answer for every idle word and thought. God forbid!