Saturday, September 15, 2007

Freezing In Illinois
Yesterday I flew back to my home state of Illinois to preach revival for my good friend Darrell Garrett. I am from the Chicago suburb of Aurora, Darrell pastors the Harvest Church of God in Galesburg, about 3 hours from my home. When I left Tampa it was in the mid 80's climbing toward the 90's at a rapid pace, when I arrived in Moline it was 64, declining at a rapid pace. We went out to eat last night and it was 64, in the hour it took for dinner the temperature dropped six degrees to 58...I went immediately to Walmart and purchased a light coat...I'm freezing to death! Here we are in Mid-September and they turned the heat on...I love my friends and really enjoy this little city, but have to admit...There's no place like home....Florida!


Sylvia said...
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Sylvia said...

That is how it is with our life with God.When things are going good it is great but when it drops (starts going bad)we have a hard time dealing with it.We need to put on our coat (God)and move on with what God has for us to do.

Glad you are here.Loved you being here last time.Galesburg got to love it.haha

Neil said...

Silvia, you are such an encourager, thanks for posting! I'm really excited about being here and look forward to renewing my friendships with all of you! Good comparison to our life journey, I want to stay under His covering!

Pastor Neil

PT Bigz said...

That's one reason I tell my folks not to expect to see us at Christmas unless they want to come down here. There is just no way, now that we live in Florida, that I'm going to fly to Canada in the middle of winter.
I told my mom, if she wants us to come up there, they can plan it for the

Darrell said...

What is amazing is that after that cold snap, we have cooked ever since. We've been in the 90's every day now for over a week. Last night at 9:30 it was 84 degrees. Today it is "cooler" at 80 degrees at 11:14 AM, but it is so stinking humid that you feel like you are melting. Everyday is a weather adventure in this part of the country.