Thursday, September 27, 2007

Minding Your Own Business
I was getting fuel in my car a few days ago, my wife was sitting in the car enjoying the air conditioning, when an older man pulled up to the pump next to me. He noticed that my car was running and then proceeded to ask me if my car was running, I told him it was and he then asked me again if it was running..."You're not supposed to pump gas with your car running, why don't you turn your car off?" "I don't want to!" Was my reply, he then turned and complained to his wife. Why did this guy care if my car was running, he didn't work there...People simply wear me out?


Ken's Den said...

I probably would have replied with, "no, it's sitting still right now but I plan to fix that just as soon as I get done pumping this gas!"

But hey, that's me and everybody knows that I'm warped! LOL

Darrell said...

Oh no, my demons have done rubbed off on ya Neil!

Sylvia said...

I have heard that you are to turn off your car because if a spark was to come from it it may cause the car and pumps to explode.The same with a cell phone if it rings it could cause a spark and do the same thing.
Don't know how true that is but I always turn off my car when I get gas.I want to be safe not sorry just in case it is true.

ruthrap said...

i think that the reason you are supposed to turn off the because they don't want you to burn the gas while you are pumping..does that make any sense? know, you could possibly burn up two or maybe three dollars worth while pumping..with todays prices!(maybe I am exaggerating just a bit!)