Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I Am Blessed
I'm sitting in the home office of my friend Darrell in Galesburg, IL., we've had a fantastic revival, the Lord has ministered in a special way. This week I've had the opportunity to fellowship with a fantastic family, minister to a wonderful congregation, share our missions ministry, to which a crowd of 28 people gave an offering of 750.00, and I have enjoyed time with ministers of Illinois. As I age I am coming to appreciate people and value relationships in a deeper manner. Don't misunderstand, I've always loved people, but these days I value friends and family more than ever in my life. It's important to me to make a deposit in others, appreciate not only what they deposit in me, but who they are to me. This evening my best friend of 20 years will pick me up after church, drive me three hours to his home and we'll spend the day together in Chicago doing all sorts of things, it's going to be awesome...I want to make an impact on some one else's life, to be awesome to them as so many have been to me and to always be thankful...always.......! The picture I'm using today is a picture of my Kenyan brother and sister, Titus and Dorothy, they pastor two churches in the bush country, serve as the bishop of Mike Sloan Ministries International/Missionaries In Action Kenya, and most of all are two of my closest friends. We email weekly and when I step off the plane he is waiting for me, drops everything to spend the two weeks I am there and make sure I am able to accomplish my goals...We spend hours talking and asking each questions, discovering the most of our differences aren't all that different after all...We're depositing into each other's lives...Who can you make a deposit in today?


Deborha's Palm Tree said...

Pastor Neil,
Thank you for coming to Galesburg and sharing/depositing such riches in Christ Jesus! We are blessed to have you as brother in Christ.

Neil said...

I loved being there and believe that God has great things in store for the church and city. I too am blessed to have friends like you!