Friday, September 21, 2007

K & M
Today is our youngest daughter, Madison's birthday. She is eight years old, blond, blue eyed, weighs 40 pounds if she's wet and wearing a heavy towel and shoes. Such a beautiful with a spirit that is kind and calm, she loves the Disney channel, the computer, her friends, and her hero is her older sister Kaitlin. Kaitlin calls Maddie her " mini-me!" Both of our children are hilarious. Happy Birthday Baby!
Kaitlin, our 15 year old is a phenomenal child, she's driving now, looks and acts like she's at least 23, sometimes has quite the attitude, and is brilliant. She is a prophetic young lady, sees spiritual things in unique and unusual manners, dreams prophetically, speaks in the same way, and yet has the ability to keep her feet on the ground and not be off the wall. She wants to be an attorney, I want her to send me a monthly check so I can retire!
Julie and I are so blessed to have such beautiful daughters, when they were little I was always afraid something would happen to them, I would go into their rooms and pray over them in their sleep, if they weren't moving I would touch them lightly to make them move or to hear them breath...I don't do that anymore, though I still want to...Now I just pray for their protection, for wisdom, that they continue to walk out their salvation, and that God will begin now to prepare men for them that can keep up with them, provide for them, and that will love and protect them as I do...Call me sentimental, I am a blessed man!

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