Saturday, September 01, 2007

Life Is Good!
Our team returned from Kenya last night, tired but excited about the good things the Lord did in and through our lives. We spent nine days in the country, beginning with ministry in the bush, we prayed over property that will be the home to a new medical clinic, preached at a convention where children touched our hearts deeply, and visited new churches. In Eldoret we met new pastors and renewed our friendship with old ones, in Mosoriot we preached in a church with bamboo walls and in Flax we experienced the manifestation of the enemy, in both churches we saw souls saved. In Nairobi we visited the Bomas and saw traditional African dances and made a trip to the Animal Orphanage...For nine days we did not was awesome! I also experienced an awakening, a spiritual renewal and refreshing...probably too private to share all...but a wonderful expression of grace...Life is good...God is great! I'm glad to be home!

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