Tuesday, August 08, 2006

After You're Alone...Then What
On my last blog a friend of mine made a statement that stirred my spirit, he said, "We all want revival, but are we willing to shut ourselves up until God sends it?" There is a place in our relationship for being alone, in the book of Genesis the Bible says of Jacob that he was left alone where he wrestled with a man until the breaking of the day. Every great man or woman of God, every great move of God, every ministry that has produced awesome things for the Lord has been birthed from people who have learned to be intimate with the Lord, people that have spent time alone...but aloneness cannot produce the harvest, because one thing can produce nothing. What we receive in private, what God births within our spirits is meant first to change and minister to us, and secondly, to be released into the lives of others. Genesis says that it is not good for man to be alone...so God made a helpmeet. Alone time is that moment when we make things right with God, when in private God speaks and deposits His deep secrets into our spirits. We must have alone time, the deepest things you will ever experience will not come in the crowd, they will come when like Jacob, you get alone and wrestle things through...but when the fight is finished there will be a release of power...intimacy shared with those of similar streams of thought. The Kingdom is progressing, the earth is groaning in preparation for the soon return of the King!


michigan preacher said...

It reminds me of Luke 10, when Martha was busy preparing everything, so it would be just right for Jesus, but Mary sat at the Lord's feet and just spent time with him, listening to him. Was it wrong of Martha to serve? No, but to effective serve, we need that time at the Lord's feet. How can we give anything if we don't take the time to receive it first?

"Freely you have received, freely give" Matt. 10:8b

God bless, Neil.

Neil said...

You can't give out what you have got in you...absolute truth. What I frustrating these days is that we are creating a consumer christianity that just wants to sit and hear, rather than listen and do! Being a believer is first becoming a christian which evolves from sitting at His feet, but eventually we have to go and tell as well...the harvest is in the field!

michigan preacher said...

That is also the absolute truth. James says it best when he says to be a doer of the Word, and not a hearer only. I do think we need to distinguish between people who are earnestly seeking God and those who are just "spiritual Jabba the Hutts", eat and eat and eat, and just sit there. I believe those that are truly seeking God will have that drive to take their full cup and pour in out in others empty cups.

Great study, brother!

Jesse said...

Even Moses had to come down from the mountain to lead God's people after spending some time alone with Him. Your right Pastor Neil, God intends for those things He shares in the secret place to push us forward into His plans. What was it that Jesus said would happen in the last days? Those things spoken in secret would be shouted from the roof tops!