Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The First Day Of School
I know, two posts in one day is too much, but it's my blog and one is for folks to comment on and the other is to talk about and show off my kids! School started today for our girls, Kaitlin who is 14 started her freshman year...High School...go figure! She wasn't happy, thinks she has at least one mean teacher, found it to be quite hectic, and couldn't find her ride home. She'll adjust and be ok I'm sure, but I do wish she had had a better day! Madison is 6, started first grade today, everytime I went by her classroom she looked as if she were slumping in her chair, come to find out, she couldn't reach the floor...she's so tiny...she's still the baby! Julie began her third year of teaching, 17 students in her class, she'll do great, she is great!


Darrell said...

Man, all I can say is, "Where have the years gone?"

David Reish said...

I can't relate to the teenager yet, my kids aren't that old, but watching the twins go their first day of school was rather tough on the wife and I... seems like yesterday that they were struggling to hold onto life and now they are beginning their school life. Only goes to show how fast it all passes by and how sometimes we need to stop and enjoy the times we have!

Libby said...

Daniel is a Junior this year! Unbelievable! Ashley is in eighth grade and almost as tall as I am.