Monday, August 21, 2006

I flew for the first time in November of 1980, I was on my way home from Northwest Bible College in Minot, ND. My biggest fear that day wasn't whether or not we would be struck by on oncoming missle, or if someone's Kool-Aid might actually be an explosive concoction, my biggest fear was if I would make my connecting flight. Each month I fly somewhere and usually give little thought to terrorism or anything else, I simply want to be ontime. Last week I was flying from Paducah, Ky to Memphis , Tn, the lady across the aisle suddenly found a piece of paper, scribbled a brief note as we were on our descent, and passed it up the aisle...I must admit I tried to read her words and for a moment felt fearful and frustrated. All she wanted to know was about her connecting flight, but there was something unnerving about her timing and the passing of a note. Today I was listening to the Schmidt Show, listening to him ramble on and on about people on plains, fiddling with things in the bathroom, andthoght to myself, if you watch commercials, listen to the radio, or read the newspaper, you might find yourself in a panic. We are living in difficult times, but as you puruse the scriptures you will hear God's promise of peace. In fact, you will hear Jesus saying, "What are you so surprised for? I told you these things would happen!" You will hear Him reminding you that these things must be, but the end is not yet, He will tell you that the events of our day are the birth pangs of a greater day and that when these things begin to happen...Look Up! Listen! and Live in a Constant State of Preparedness...The Lord Is Coming! And if He doesn't come today, tomorrow, or ten years from now...He will come! Perhaps I've chosen to live obliviously to these things, but in my spirit I sense the best days of our lives are just before us, difficult times...yes, different times, absolutely...these are days that require an all out effort to love and serve God and those around me!

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