Tuesday, August 22, 2006

At Home Watching Reba On Lifetime
I came home for lunch today, nuked a hot dog and am sitting around watching Reba reruns on Lifetime for women. She's hilarious in my opinion and has done well as a sitcom star, I like her theme song: "I'm A Survivor!" Personally, I think we have to survive sometimes before we overcome, but I do want to overcome and not just survive. Ishmael is surviving, Isaac is overcoming...I'll take Isaac!


Darrell said...

Keep on eating those radio-active tubes stuffed with the garbage parts of pigs and you won't be surviving for long my friend!

Just messin' with ya bro!

ruthrap said...

it's okay, neil, as good as you been doin', you deserve a hot dog! notice i said "a" hot dog! great pic of reba...she looks pretty good for her age! just kidding, she is a funny gal and not a bad singer either.

Sarah said...

I ate my first vegetarian hot dog this week. It is something to get used to as the texture is different. It will be an alternative when I get a hot dog craving but I'll have to work past the differences.

Darrell said...

Woah! A veggie-dog?
What's up with that Sarah?

I was just kidding Neil, because I happen to love a good hot dog. (Notice I said good... not them $1.50 a pack dogs)

Are you going Veggie on us Sarah?

Sarah said...

No, not veggie, because I feel that is not healthy, but I am in the middle of the beginning of my fat-free diet. (Diet as a lifestyle not weight loss)

They've been really on me to balance my diet and tone my muscles now so that later down in the progression I will be better off. I've also toned down my caffeine intake. I'm not going to go too down on that though. You've got to give a girl a little pleasure in life. =o)

It also doesn't hurt that I'm currently dating a fat-free nut.