Monday, August 28, 2006

Progressive Revelation
Our walk with God is a progressive walk, as is our walk with anyone for that matter. One never knows a person until they know the person, our introduction to God, family, or friends opens a door for us to come to see and understand one another in a progressive manner. It is true that when we come to meet the Lord that He saves us completely, but we don't know Him completely, it is a progressive journey...not a matter of salvation, it's a matter of relationship, which requires revelation. My wife and I have been married almost 20 years, we certainly know each other better now than we did while dating and when we first married, but we did have lives before we met and married and there are things we are still learning about one revelation. This phrase has been in my spirit since early this morning, I was reminded of a story in the Gospels where Jesus came into the midst of some leperous men. The Bible says of these men that evidently they knew who Jesus was, they knew of His reputation, and they asked Him to have mercy upon them...The Bible says that as they went they were cleansed. Sometimes we get the revelation, we believe in our hearts, and then we are required to walk out the revelation even though outwardly we cannot see any evidence or proof that God has done anything. The more we walk with Him the more we learn to trust in Him, and the more we trust in Him the more He reveals Himself...and the amazing thing is that He doesn't always reveal Himself in the same manner...He doesn't want to be familiar...He wants to be trusted!


The 6 Karns' said...

It's amazing, isn't it? God's ability to talk to us, and reveal Himself to us in a multitude of ways.

I've always told people, if there's any one person I could emulate, it would be Shawn's mother. She was a woman whose life goal - was to be like Jesus.

If Mom Karns woke up at 2am out of a dead sleep - she got up - went into the living room, and had her morning time with God. When she was done (or He was done), she'd go back to bed and finish sleeping.

I always think - that's not for me! There's no way I could even have consciousness enough to read the Word. But, today was different. For some reason, I couldn't sleep - mind you, it's 6am, not 2am. But that's pretty good for me. And now here I am, 7:37 am and ready for the day!

I want God to reveal himself. His many faceted self to me! I want to be like Lorraine Karns - cuz she wanted to be like Jesus. That was her PRIORITY. Jesus first, then family, then saving the LOST.


Darrell said...

I'll try this again. My comments keep disappearing when I hit post.

I have been thinking about this blog entry of yours since yesterday. It is funny because I just preached about looking forward and not looking back on Sunday, but here is a time where looking back is good. It's amazing to me to see the personal growth and progressing in my walk with the Lord. I really believe that if God would have revealed to me 25 years ago the things that I have seen and know today, I would have run FAST the other way. It would have been too fanatical for me, or too "out there." Not that there was anything wrong with any of these things, but rather the problem was with me. I wasn't mature enough for it. It would be like handing a ribeye to a 6 month old baby. But over the years, as I have gotten to know the Lord better, and to know his Word better, I have also grown to where I can "digest" those things, and they in turn become a part of me. It has been an incredible journey these past 25 years, and I can only imagine where the Lord is going to take me over the next 25 years! (If he tarries his coming, that is.)

Neil said...

Progress is all about Process. It's the lessons of Ephesians, Sitting, Walking, and also includes Warring, but we can't war if we can't sit, stand, and walk. I well remember when our oldest daughter was born, I wanted her to do it all quick, to leap out of the crib and run, but she started by simply sitting by herself, then we would just stand her up and let her stand on her own, and then she she runs and wars!

Hebrews says that strong meat is for them that have the ability to discern it, to handle it...revelation is progressive and it is given to those that understand and appreciate...Process!