Thursday, August 24, 2006

What Are You Reading?
I have the terrible habit of reading several things at the same time, presently I've been reading a couple books by Chuck Pierce, and now I'm all caught up with Ted Dekker...what a writer! Last week I read this book called "The Martyr's Song", the story of a village in the Ukraine during WWII, a small village that appeared to be untouched by the war until one day a small troop of soldiers comes upon this village and life permanently changes. If you haven't read Ted Dekker you should, he is phenomenal, I've also read "When Heaven Weeps", can't put it down! Check out his non-fiction book on "Slumbering Christianity"! What are you reading?


Exqsme said...

Dekker and Peretti wrote a fictional novel together called " The House" I'm almost tempted to go and get htat one.

Neil said...

Our school administrator is reading it right now and says it's awesome. The Martyr's Song is a trilogy and you don't have to read them in any certain order, I've read two of the three, Kaitlin has read the first one Julie is reading it now. Only about 130 pages give or take a few!

ruthrap said...

neil, i too have a habit of starting several books and it takes me forever to finish one and then i may never get the rest of them finished..and i have tons of books that i haven't even started to problem is finding time to read and then when i do it puts me to sleep!!but i read Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren and a Charles Stanley book all the way through and i'm reading a book now called Following Christ by Joseph Stowell. I would like to read some of the newer stuff--they sound interesting!