Friday, April 28, 2006

The Cuban Sandwich
Just another great reason to live in Florida! A little mustard, some cheese, a few dill pickles and press it thin! Ole' Ole' Ole'


ruthrap said...

That looks like a sandwich Jose makes with tomato and avacado and some mayo..its on mexican bread and they call it a torta....yummy! You'd love it Neil!

Neil said...

Haven't heard of the torta, we would have to leave off the tomato, avacado and mayo. Mustard would work for me. The Cuban has two or three meats and cheese, mustard and pickles, they then press it on this heat press, it is very tastey! You and Jose' are food experts, ought to have your own specialty shop!

ruthrap said...

Jose is the mexican food expert...I just like to eat! He is a very good cook and he cooks mostly mexican food, there are some things he hasn't tackled yet like tamales---but he can make a mean enchilada.

michigan preacher said...

I'm with you on the mayo, Neil. I can't stand it. I make a pretty mean ham sandwich. I do it up like a grilled cheese, buttering the outside of the sandwich for grilling, load it with deli style ham, mustard, dill pickle slices and cheese. Occasionally, I'll toss some banana pepper rings on. Talk about a good'un!

But, alas, these days I'm trying to eat good, with my BP issues. I have a nice romaine lettuce salad with some sliced cucumber and green pepper, with my own dressing made of lemon juice and dill weed. Tastes pretty good. If you sprinkle some dill weed on the cucumber slices with a little bit of salt, it gives a pickly twist to them. I love it.