Monday, April 10, 2006

It's Time To Press
This morning I received a prophetic word that spoke deeply into my spirit, I know that what was spoken was from the Lord...I know that I must wait patiently for that word to come to fruition...I know that whatever God says to us brings us to a place of responsibility...He will do what He says if I do what He says...Waiting on the Word means we enter into a season of preparation...for me, a season of pressing. Pressing doesn't necessarily mean shoving or forcing a matter into existence, it means that we simply continue and refuse to become slack. If we become slack we may accept and settle for Ishmael when we have been promised Isaac. It's like having a craving for Starbuck's and settling for a flavored coffee from 7-11, the two simply don't compare. I continue to be consumed with the word that Isaac is coming and the concept of crossing over...there is price for both...the question is will we pay it?

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