Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Next Move of God
I've been reading the blogs and posts of men and women of God from many areas around the United States and continue to be convinced that God is up to something. What is amazing to me is that God seems to be saying the same thing to many people, it may be phrased a little different, may have a more personalized spin as it relates to the the ones He is speaking to...but God is speaking and He is moving.
I was reading about the church in transition on a friends blog and realized that there are many people who desire to be a part of what God is doing, they recognize that these most cetainly are the times of the end...they just aren't sure how to get in...or once they're in they don't know what to do...I think the answer is learning to simply stand in the river and allow the refreshing water carry you where you need to be.
Another thing comes to me this morning, while God is saying the same thing in many places and while the movement of God may have similarities...every move will be different...God tailor makes what He does just for you!

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Amy said...

Amen Niel, Im in that river, letting go and flowing with it!!.