Saturday, April 15, 2006

A Spiritual Movie
We returned home from our missionary trip to Orlando this afternoon. What a great three days, spent time with the family, got some sun, went to Mickey Land, and had some awesome food...What more could a guy ask for? Came home and went to the church to help get ready for tomorrow's service, the choir will sing, the little girls dance team will dance, and the youth will present a drama, and the pastor will preach the house is good! My wife and I watched an awesome movie this evening entitled "The Gospel", the story of a young man on his way into the ministry who got sidetracked. Tragedy caused him to return home and also to the was a moving movie, and the music is phenomenal...I would suggest watching it! I'm thankful that the crux of the Gospel is redemptive, that God is a God of many chances, not just a second chance. I am thankful that because He got up from His grave we can get up from ours...The Lord, He is Good!


Amy said...

Ive seen it !! awesome movie!!

michigan preacher said...

I too saw the movie. I thought it was great. I'd like to rent it again so my wife can watch it with me.

How was Disney World? I pray that Easter services were blessed. God bless!


Neil said...

We had the best time in Orlando, quite relaxing, Thursday did the Disney thing, and on Friday laid by the pool and got the lobster look, Saturday shopped the Outlet Mall and came home...awesome!

Easter was phenomenal! The house was packed, the worship and muic was off the chart, dance and drama, Word...all of it was great. Had several get saved I think...just a beautiful day!