Sunday, April 23, 2006

When The Flood Comes
I was strangely drawn to Isaiah 43:2 yesterday as I meditated on what I would preach this morning...Actually, I was taking a shower when the Lord began to speak to me concerning the fact that there are moments in our lives when storms and flood arise in our lives. As I drove to revival this morning the Lord reminded me that there are two moments in life when these things take place: 1) When we're doing the normal things of life; 2) When we're doing what God called us to do. Sudden moments take place when out of nowhere the floods begin to pour in, wiping out everything that is in its way...those things that are removeable. The strange thing about floods is while their nature is apparently destructive, they aren't all destructive, in fact, floods remove some things that otherwise may not be removed and they also deposit some things that we need. Somethings have a grip on us that must be forcefully removed, we also at times have a grip on things that unless a crisis moment takes place in our lives we will not loosen our grip on what has become familiar to us...even if it would be to our betterment. One thing is certain, regardless of our position in the flood...God won't let us die, he won't allow us to drown...He'll teach us to surf and swim...we're going to win!

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A simple Amen!