Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Flavor of Favor
I truly believe that God gives people and churches favor, that divine covering that causes others to be attracted to you and to bless you...sometimes it appears for no apparent reason. Several weeks ago our youth ministry went to a park in the area to sing, dance, and do drama. While there they participated with everything that was going on, played with the kids, rejoiced with the other participants, and acted like Christian youth. The photographer was so impressed, he took many pictures of our youth, put them on his web site, told our youth pastor how much he appreciated them and their behavior...and then a few days later called me.
We were hosting "Last Chance", the man asked if he could come and take pictures, we consented and the last night he came, took pictures and during the altar call put his camera down and responded to the invitatation. Afterwards he spoke with our youth pastor and myself, called and emailed, put the pictures on his web site and then put us in his newspaper...he called today and is bringing cd's of pictures that he would normally sell to give to us...simply because our ministries touched his it what you will...I call it favor!
It's not something we deserve, it's something God gives to remind us that He loves us and that we must continue to reflect Him to others in a manner that creates an atmosphere of blessing. The Apostle Peter said we are called to inherit a blessing and to be a blessing..God help us to do both!


The 6 Karns' said...

How awesome is that?!?! I love to hear stories about youth. They are such an integral part of our CHURCH body! People always say, "the youth are the church of the future", which is true - but they are part of the CHURCH OF TODAY! It's awesome to hear how God used them to win a soul.

Neil said...

They had 30-40 youth tonight, several new ones and some saved. When I left at 9:00 PM they were still going after the is awesome!

Henry Haney said...

Awesome report- thanks for sharing!

ruthrap said...

With all the negative things going on amongst the youth of today, it is great to hear something positive....thanks Neil! I believe the youth of today are very receptive of the Truth and God's word and if we will tell them, they will listen..they are seeking something solid and lasting in their lives and it's our responsibility as adults and their mentors to teach and encourage them in the ways of the Lord. We have to pass down the inheritance and along with that come the blessings.

Barbara said...

Reminds me of the song, "God Is Awesome, Oh, so Awesome - God Is Awesome in this place!"

What a testimony to your church and youth group!