Friday, April 07, 2006

Well...It's Friday...I'm Done!
I love Friday...we leave the office at noon and I have the afternoon to kick back and relax...except for picking up my daughter...I just can't figure out why she won't walk home from school, it's only 10 miles or so!
I'm done blogging until Monday...have nothing else to say or to one responded to my haircut...Wait until Monday...I'll be roaring about something.
This morning I heard three words in my spirit: 1) Building, 2) Believing, 3) Blessing...We are busy building a relationship with God and others, building the Kingdom; Believing God for great things; and because we have been a Blessing to others we will receive a Blessing...It is our inheritance you know!
See You Monday!


Sarah said...

Nobody is going to respond to your "haircut" when there is a stock picture tag on the image.

I love the BBB. I think the Believing is the hardest. Sometimes, we only believe he does great things for others.

Neil said...

Well, how do you know that's not the back of my head and I'm a haircut model for stock pictures?

Believing is the most difficult for all of us I think, it requires going beyond the veil of flesh and thought and living in a realm beyond our control and none of us want to be out of control...of anything! I love the scripture that says,'Lord, I believe, help my unbelief!" Or the one says, "All things are possible, only believe!" God kind of gets in our faces and puts it pretty much in perspective doesn't He!

I did get a haircut though, stands straight up...kind of spikey! Might highlight it next so the tips glow in the dark and you can see me coming...maybe not, but never know!

Sarah said...

I love the tipped highlight on men who short spikey hair. Adding a glow in the dark feature would make you like the coolest dad ever.