Thursday, April 06, 2006

My Heart Is Broken...My Mind Messed Up...My Allergies Raging...I'm Upset
It is with great and mixed emotions that I announced the failure of the American people to recognize God given talent and the demise of Miss Mandisa's American Idol career. Last night I came in just as the announcement was being made, I would have laid on the floor and wept, or stood in the middle of the room ranting, that's probably what I would have done...but our air conditioning unit is on the blitz and I had someone from Church with me...can't afford to rant in front of an Elder! What is wrong with these people? I know they think they need for these stars to sing various types of music, to express diversity, but when a star arises they don't sing variety, they sing who they are...why can't the Idol people recognize this? I'm appalled!
It's hot in Florida and our air is out, wasn't too bad last night with ceiling fans, but in the day time our house is over 80 degrees...feel like I've missed the rapture, or as one of our church children said, the rupture!
I'm sneezy today and had a lady manifest in our parking lot when I asked why she was sitting there blocking the it feels like a Monday on Thursday!
Lord, Bless Mandisa Today! And please Jesus, send Bucky home!


Darrell said...

Praying for you buddy:

"Lord, please help Neil today before his BP goes through the roof. If he can't handle this pressure Lord, take out his tv and internet for a few days so he can get it under control."

Just trying to help!

Neil said...

You're loads of assistance aren't you? If my TV was out completely I'd stress, but as long as I can have a little TV to get to sleep by I'm good!

Going to get my haircut here in a few minutes...I'll feel much better!

Sarah said...

I'm too cold brr get some better weather up here.

I'm too hot down here waaah and my air conditioner doesn't work.

Some people just cannot be content.

"Lord, please help Neil expand his comfort level. That he may have a broader range of climate compatibility. Please Lord, do not let him shave off all his hair because he is hot like Pedro did."

michigan preacher said...

Neil, I sympathize with you, as I can't stand it when it's 90 up here and my AC isn't blowing cold enough! And do I ever wish Mandisa would have stayed. Talk about an unashamed witness. At least she got to shine her light for a time. But don't worry, she's so good, some Christian label will pick her up, and she won't be bound to Simon for years!

Neil said...

Sarah, If I didn't talk about the weather and air what would you have to read? I did get my hair cut though, I'll try to get a picture for everyone. The fan motor is shot on our air unit, won't have air until next week...I'll have some real posts if it remains in the 80's or hotter!

Might start preaching about the End Times and where you end up if you miss the rapture!

Amy said...

Neil I totally agree about Mandisa, I was dissapointed!! Simone wouldnt know talent if it hit him in the head!!as for wether.. I wish it would stay sunny here the temp is ok but its rainy & grey!!:( :( hey you know , I have an extra ac ..want me to fed ex it to ya!!!LOL

Sarah said...

I am always being told that my comfort level lies with 3 or 4 degrees. Ha!

Speaking of rapture, when I was growing up and came home to an empty house, I would start calling those who I thought couldn't possibly miss it to make sure I wasn't Left Behind.

It sounds like a joke: You know you are pentecostal when you come home to an empty house and you think it must mean you missed the trumpet call.

The 6 Karns' said...

Sarah - that's too funny! I used to think the same thing :)

I remember late at night sneaking into mom & dad's room, making sure they were still there - and curling up on the floor under mom's big heavy furry robe - as if that would keep them from being raptured w/o me (hee).

Deborha's Palm Tree said...

I was disappointed when Mandesa didn't make it too! I think we will see her soon! God isn't going to let that talent go..
Nice haircut. I do not like hot weather! I am a climatically controlled person. I work in an environment that is climate controlled, my home is climate controlled and my vehicle etc...etc..
Well, I'm praying that God will help me with this "heat" issue before I go to Kenya... ":')