Monday, September 11, 2006

Hot Dogs...Get Your Hot Dogs!
I love hot dogs, chili dogs, corn dogs...just love them. I know they're not the healthiest or the best for you, but every once in awhile you need was that day. I'm in the Toledo, Ohio area for a conference, went to Detroit to pick up our senior pastor who is also speaking in this meeting and we stopped by Tony Paco's for lunch. Perhaps you will remember this better if you watched Mash, Klinger was from Toledo and always looked forward to hot dogs from...Tony Paco's...a quaint little restaraunt in the Hungarian section of Toledo, today's special was two chili dogs and a cup of chili with a drink for 5.99..that's what I got! The chili has quite bite to it, and the hot dogs are Hungarian sausage style, but wonderful...followed them up with two extra strength Tums...what a day!
Our conference is going well also...I love the Northern Ohio area...though it is much colder than Florida!


Darrell said...

Man, that sounds good! I love that kind of stuff. I guess I couldn't do the chili right now though. Depends on if it has beans.

I've been praying for you and the conference you guys are doing. Let me know how it goes.

ruthrap said...

Hot dogs! Chilli dogs!?????????????
Neil, are you bein' bad? Just kidding!
Sounds like a neat place to go have hot dogs! We've just got two Coney Islands here in the 'burg...did you get to go to one of them when you were here?

michigan preacher said...

Dude, you are in my neck of the woods, and I have to work! I love Tony Packo's! They have the best pickles, real spicy.

Next time you're up, we gotta get together for a cup of coffee.

Neil said...

Our meeting has been fantastic, powerful move of the Lord. Crowds have been good and the people are wonderful. I leave tomorrow to return home for church tomorrow night, Bishop Sloan will close the meeting out. I really like this area, it's not as warm as Florida, but the people are nice and there is a great atmosphere in this northern region...good spirit!

MP, we will have to connect the next time I come, I'll give you advance notice!