Saturday, September 23, 2006

I love reality TV, watch stuff like Wife Swap, SuperNanny, Survivor, $40-Day Meals, I enjoy the real stuff. About a year ago I started listening to 970 AM, a talk radio station that includes Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, The Schmidt Show and a host of others, I find it interesting most of the time and enjoy hearing what others have to say...most of the time. Today I am frustrated, let me preface this statement by saying, I appreciate the right for every person to have an opinion, to share that opinion, and to have a political party affiliation, even if it is the opposite of mine...really. But what frustrates me is this continuous bashing of our country and our president. Do I agree with everything he says and does, absolutely not, would I do things differently, sure, do I think changes need to be made, of course. What gets me is the absolute lack of respect that Americans have developed for people in authority...and it starts young. When I was a child, the bus driver was a person of authority, now kids will cuss them out, if the bus driver doesn't cuss them out first. You never called an adult by his first name without permission, now schools are being told not to make a child call you sir or mame, and to not make a child say "I'm Sorry". Is it just me or have we lost something? Again, like or dislike the president, disagree with his position and when election time comes, vote someone you like better in, but while he's here let's support him, pray for him, and assist him...that's not agreeing with his every move, it's respecting the position, and that my friends is politically least I think so! Thanks for letting me vent...back to the real stuff now!


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Having respect for someone now has gone out the door with this politically correct nonsense! Children no longer look up to older people (the majority of children) because they aren't taught respect or even honoring their parents! If my mouth had uttered some of the things kids do today at a young age, I probably would not be alive today!

My grandchildren tell tales about kids cursing at the bus drivers, but they usually get thrown off the bus - a good thing - no tolerating them there!

I am so proud of my daughter. She has taught her four children the values she grew up with and they are some of the politest young people you would want to meet. Everyone will tell you what a good Mother she has been to those kids, 'because it shows in them'. Makes us feel good to hear this coming from others.