Tuesday, September 26, 2006

While I Was Thinking
There is a road deep within each of us that very few are allowed to travel. It is a place within the deep recesses of our souls where the outside world is forbidden and we often wonder if we should go. It is within that place that our dreams and visions are birthed, it is there that our fears are either faced or fed, and where our issues are recognized and our faith becomes more real. The older I get the more aware I become of me, of that voice deep within me, I hear the questions of my soul, the what if's, the why's and the how's...I hear myself wondering and telling myself it will be ok, I hear the voice of my spirit reminding me that I'm not alone...I hear it telling me that my wife loves me, my children need me, and that I need them. I hear it often reminding me of how much I need the Lord...sometimes I hear telling me that I really need Him bad.
Often we excuse that inner voice, calling it ourselves or the voice of reason. We believe that it is a compilation of all the voices we've heard that day, or perhaps all of the voices we've ever heard, nevertheless, we're listening to that voice.
I was reminded today as I read the blog of a friend(http://mipreacherspot.blogspot.com) that within that voice is a voice, it isn't our voice, it isn't our reasoning, it isn't the voice of those around us or of those close to us, it is the voice of the Dream Giver, it is the voice of the Lord. It is a voice of encouragement, a voice of instruction, of inspiration, a voice that imparts wisdom and direction, it speaks life, it spreads light, it is a voice that causes us to know that we are not alone.
The Psalmist said it this way in Psalm 39: "My heart was hot within me; while I was musing the fire burned: then I spoke with my tongue!"
It's as if he was saying I had all of this energy pent up within me, a dream bursting, trying to get out...but I wanted to think about it, I was in deep thought contemplating my actions, and it burned inside of me and when I spoke... I spoke with conviction and fire!
These are days when there are plenty of hot heads around, people that speak without contemplating their words or actions, people who say the right things, words that bring surface comfort, but do little on the inside where it really counts.
Perhaps this is a time for musing, for deep thought, for contemplation and the stirring of the inner man. Could it be that God is speaking to those that are listening and to those that are stirring the fires of the soul?

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