Saturday, September 02, 2006

Next Saturday I board a plane for Toledo to speak in a conference on Spiritual Acceleration. I will speak Sunday in two services, and our pastor will arrive on Monday to speak through Wednesday...I'm starting to get excited. During 2006 the Lord has spoken several specific words to me: Can You Recognize The Season Of Change; There Is A Shifting; If You're Going To Go Somewhere...You Have To Go Somewhere; Move Beyond Normal; Some Must Enter In; and, Isaac Is Coming! As I am preparing my mind, trying to get a direction for this meeting and wanting to go there without a preconceived determination of what I'm going to say, I have found myself searching, reading what other prophetic voices are saying, and hoping that sometime between now and next Sunday the Lord will speak a directive word into my spirit...what He wants said. I am reminded of a natural illustration, that when driving, the closer we get to home the quicker I drive. It isn't always intentional or even recognized at the time, but I've had people following me that mentioned that once we got within a few miles of my home I would speed up. As we near the coming of the Lord I am convinced that things are speeding up, it's becoming quite noticable, and God is moving. One of the prophetic voices I read reminded me that we cannot get stuck and miss the present movement of the Lord, that we must seek the Lord and be sure to be at the right place at the right time so we don't miss the blessing. I am convinced that we are living in a season of suddenlies and that what the Lord is doing will be done quickly...suddenly! He may not come until I'm 112, but when you consider that a day with the Lord is like a thousand years and a thousand years like a day...what's one hundred years? I just don't want to miss what He's doing and want to be ready when he arrives...And, I want to help as many as I can to be ready also...Those who know the word of prayer, pray for me!


Darrell said...

Neil, as I read this, I was reminded of the vision of the river that I saw last spring. In it, if you will recall, after many had gotten out of the river and then the river made the sharp bend, the water began to flow faster and faster and the only way to "survive" was to let go of yourself and just float in the river allowing it to carry you where it will.
Looking again at what I saw and mapping out the other things I saw in that vision, we are around the bend and the river is beginning to pick up speed. It is nowhere near where we are headed, but it is beginning to pick up speed, and I believe we are in for the ride of our lives!

Neil said...


When we pastored in Illinois I saw a vision of a river several times, the water was often almost violent and yet safe. What I also saw was that there were certain people that are key to the movement, these are people of influence to a congregation, people that if and when they allow God to use them cause others to move also and the river increases its influence.

Thanks for sharing. I am also reminded of some verses in Ezekiel 47, that says that the marsh places will not be blessed by the healing living waters...there are those that won't go...go without them and love them anyway!

Blessings...Enjoy the ride!