Wednesday, September 27, 2006

New Breed Of Preachers
I am thoroughly convinced that we are living in some of the most exciting times in human history. God is revealing himself and calling us to really walk with him in a fresh and intimate manner. What makes it fresh is not some new super duper revelation, it's that our journey with God is not a religious experience, a ritualistic movement, but a concentrated effort on our part to really live for God and love Him with all of our hearts.
I am also convinced that he is raising up a new breed of ministers, he is using people across the globe...people that simply are ready to speak what he is saying boldly.
Two of those people reside in my home, my beautiful wife Julie...she doesn't claim to preach, would never call herself a preacher...but she does, and God uses her. And then there's my daughter Kaitlin, she'll be 15 in January, is going on 40 right now, but a few months ago when our youth ministry went to minister in Tampa, she preached like a wild woman...and tonight she spoke in youth group on depression...she'll probably not call herself a preacher either, but she is ready to speak what the Lord is saying to her...and God uses that.
I think that New Testament ministry is about everyone being a minister, some called to specific areas, but everyone called to share the good news. It will come out different ways and various methods and styles, but the goal is to expand the Kingdom and win the lost...there is a new breed rising!

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