Thursday, March 02, 2006

I Went Golfing Today
I'm not a sports fan and don't golf very often, but today I went golfing with a guy visiting from Ontario, Canada. This guy is down visiting some snowbirds that attend our church during the winter months...they're wonderful people from Ontario as well. It's been a year since I've picked up my clubs to anything other than move from one house to the next, so for the first four holes I'm all over the place. To add to the hilarity of the situation, the starter at the golf course has paired us with a retired couple that live on the course that can actually golf...and well! My Canadian friend is a fair golfer, he's funny...every time he went to the tee he would lay his club down to get the right angle and then hit the ball. Me, I have absolutely no direction, it doesn't matter how I grip my club, bend my knees or point and angle my feet, I always hit to the right. When it was all said and done, I only lost one golf ball, lower my score 4-6 points from the first nine on the back nine, and was still saved at the end of the day! My wife doesn't help me with these things, I'm pretty much retired from golf, but Julie likes to tell people that I love to golf and that I would love to go golfing with them, their family or friends who will be coming from a visit from wherever...she's such a great help! I got some sun which is nice, except that I have these lines on the sides of my face where the ear pieces for my glasses were...but it's a beautiful day in the Sunshine State and I blessed by the adventure with my new northern friend...guess if we ever go to his house I'll have to learn how to curl or play hockey!


Sarah said...

I like to golf but I am horrible! One of my brothers is naturally gifted in most any sport.

He took me out last summer. I hadn't went out in years and it showed. It was mainly a par 3 course and I was happy when I only bogeyed.

Neil said...

For 18 holes my score was like 127, that's pretty bad. I overheard some older ladies at the snack back and one said she had shot her typical 108, so when a little old lady is beating you, you're in trouble...although she wasn't that old!

Sarah said...

My score for 9 holes was 89. I was jumping around hoopin' and hollerin'. My brother who took me is 4 years younger and he was just laughing and asked me why I was so happy.

I told him my only goal was stay under an average of 10 strokes per hole and I did......barely.

Neil said...


I can help you with that double digit thing...don't go there! I stop at nine...always!!! It promises me not to get too depressed and it also helps my score. Once in West Virginia I got a birdie, I screamed and yelled, and the next hole hit a nine, and screamed and yelled, got is a part of God's sanctification process in my life...I don't play well and don't play much...does that mean I'm barely sanctified? Just Kidding!