Sunday, March 26, 2006

Lay It All Down
I have this song buzzing in my head and can't get rid of it, not sure of the title, definitely don't remember who sings it or where I heard it...but there is this tune going on and the words, " Lay it all down, lay it all down, lay it all down!" Regardless of where I've heard it the message cannot be clearer, there are things we need to lay down. We need to lay them down because they weigh us down, we need to lay them down because they hinder our progression, we need to lay them down because the Lord wants to carry them for us, we need to lay them down because God's Word says to lay aside every weight and the sin that so easily besets us. This morning our Pastor preached about Jesus never leaving us, that we will have tribulation, but we will also overcome because Christ overcomes in and through's about laying things down. Christians aren't immune from issues, problems and pain, our children give us fits, our money runs out, and we sometimes hate our jobs...our life...What we have going for us is a loving and living God that sees where we are, know what's going on, and One that refuses to leave us and will never leave us alone. Lay it all down...see what the Lord will do!


Amy said...

Amen Niel , Im soooo Glad that Jesus will never leave us or forsake us , i dont know where i would be without him ..... Yes I do ..LOST , Thank You Jesus for being not only my savior , but my friend!!!

The 6 Karns' said...

Neil - one of the "River" worship CD's we used last week before revival service - there's part in there that says, "lay it all down, lay it all down, lay it all down", and then we sang that saying also at the beginning of one of the services.

You are so right! Pastor Darrell preached tonight on getting rid of our "ITES"...talking about after the Isrealites "crossed over", they conquered all the "...ITES", except for the Jebusites. They allowed them to "linger in the land" & became comfortable dwelling among them - until David "kicked them out" and then he decided to live there - calling it the "CITY OF DAVID".

Anyhow - he challenged us to find whatever "ITE" we still having living in us - and release it. He couldn't be more on. God is taking us to a new demension, and we have to be ready.

Awesome message!

Deborha's Palm Tree said...

Neil...that's right! Last night I had one of those moments at work. Finally, I just said, "Okay Lord, I give this place and me to you..take over! The emergency room was chaotic, people had attitudes and so I went into a utility room and took a deep breath, blew it out and prayed! I walked out of that utility room 10 pounds lighter! God is sooooo Goooood! Things began to go more smoothly...
thank you Jesus! We can't always change what is going on around us but we can change how we react to it!

God Bless you and yours...Deborha

Neil said...

River 6 is where I heard it, and yes, we did have that in our services! Thanks for reminding me, I'll pull my CD out and find it.

Stand in the River and let the refreshing waters flow around you, life takes on a new meaning when the waters of God cover us!