Friday, March 24, 2006

Too Blessed
We closed our revival out this evening, I am trying to wind down, it has been a good meeting. The pastoral family here is wonderful, thanks Garretts for keeping me in your home, for the generous spirit and for allowing me to be a part of your lives.
The Harvest Church is a wonderful group of people, I was so blessed to be able to minister to your lives. I'm convinced that your future is bright and will be filled with wonderful things. It is my earnest prayer that this church explodes in growth and blessings!


Amy said...

Im sorry to see you go, the messages God gave to you to speak were awesome and powerful, ( Im still basking in his wounderful presance ) Im sad that I couldnt be there last night but it was my oldest daughters birthday (she turned 18!! jeez I feel old !!!) I hope that you will come back again soon !! also you can keep the tape i have tons!! ya im glad ""chicken little is gone also, I thought Kathren sang sooo good so my vote is between her and kelly now!!


Neil said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! They grow up fast don't they!

I'm trying to remember who Kathrine is, but am still all about Paris and Medesa...My wife is full of Kelly!

Take Care!

The 6 Karns' said...

Neil - I know for us (the 6 Karns') we were so glad to have you here - and so sad to see you leave! You & your ministry will be in our prayers. Thanks for setting Kenya in our hearts and now our prayers! One day we hope to go!