Thursday, March 16, 2006

I'm Going Now....Soon At Least!
The word of the Lord in my spirit for several months has simply been, "If you're going to go have to go somewhere!" I'm quite confident that I've blogged this to death already...but I am going Galesburg, IL to preach for my close friend... Pastor Darrell Garrett. There is a deep sense of anticipation in my spirit concerning this meeting, a feeling that God is already on the move and my being there is divinely orchestrated by the Holy Spirit.
Pastor Garrett called today to inform me of the prediction of colder weather than I'm used to, and to that horrible thing called...Snow! I know he's trying to prepare me and to be a blessing, but I have to admit it was information I could do without...pray for a heat wave pastor!
Renewal or Revival services to many have become a thing of the past, some would have us to believe that they have no purpose...I disagree. I believe that there are certain times in our lives when we need to hear the word of the Lord through a different voice, it will usually confirm what we've already heard, but in a different way. Renewal services are times when God sudenly deposits freshness into our lives and encourages us to continue in the way we are going, to change our direction, or to prepare to move into a new season. Everytime we have a guest speaker in our church I become anxious, hungry to hear what the Lord is saying, to see what He will do, and to move up in my walk with the Lord...I love pastor...and those prophets God sends our way.
Pray for me this week that I will be to this church what God desires and what they need me to encourager, a blessing, a prophet...that I will make a spiritual deposit that will benefit this house...and most of all...That God Is Glorified!


MaestroPCG said...

Neil, you've always been an effective evangelist as well as "an encourager, a blessing, and a prophet" when you speak what God has given you. Go into this meeting with the assurance and the confidence that you have been sent of God, and He will change and transform those who are open to receiving from Him.

Neil said...

Thank you! Your kind words of encouragement are deeply appreciated and certainly received!

Darrell said...

He's gone people! Neil has LEFT Florida! I know this because he is here!

We are looking forward to a great revival! I am anxious and excited to see what God has planned!