Friday, March 10, 2006

I'm not usually overly politically minded, am a huge supporter of our president...but! Today I was reading on CNN.COM where the president is concerned about the message we are sending by not allowing our ports to be sold to the folks from Dubai. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like this is a no brainer...we've been bombed, threatened, financially drained by issues from the area of the world...not necessarily from this particular country, but from a cousin...and one always wonders if blood is thicker than water. Forgive me if I'm sounding off in a negative manner, I do understand wanting to keep good relationships with everybody...but doesn't it seem reasonable to use caution? We have a good president and again, I really support him...but I think he needs to think about his thoughts on this one...Maybe I'm wrong...You tell me!


Libby said...

I have to admit. I am with you on this one. I also support our President, but I really would like to know what his thinking is on this.

You can feed a wild animal and mend it without putting your hand in the cage and taking a chance of losing it.

Neil said...


Your analogy reminds me of the story of the snake that asked a man to take him up the mountain. He promised the man that he would be his friend if he would only be kind enough to put him inside his warm jacket and go up to the mountaintop...once there the snake bit him...As the man lay dying he asked the snake why...The replied, " I was a snake when you picked me up and you knew my nature...I haven't changed!"

I'm not calling these people snakes or saying that all are terrorist, I'm just saying that there are too many connections, relationships that may be harder to avoid and agendas more difficult to detect. President Bush on one hand is going totally remove terrorism from the world...I fear we will invade Iran next...and then allow their cousins to move in our neighborhood...I'm simply confused!