Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I'm Struggling
Tuesday and Thursday nights are my favorite television nights. On Tuesdays I watch American Idol, I'm trusting God to let Paris win, though my wife and daughter are praying against me and believing for Kelly...pray for the conflict in my family, that the good Lord will cause my spouse and child to see the light of my way! Thursday is Survivor and CSI and ER...you see my struggle don't you? We have revival tonight and no one is offering to tape anything! Revival is awesome this week and truthfully, there's no struggle at all...other than that stuff between me and my wife and daughter...they won't come around I'm quite certain! It's been snowing but has about stopped, I'm hoping we'll be able to have church tonight, it's jeans night and we get wear casual clothes...it's the snow you know! I love the Lord...He's been so good and so faithful to me...I am blessed, highly favored, and walking in abundance...I have eternal life not just secure death...Thank You Lord!


Sarah said...

I can totally relate. I am without TV right now and the new Monk episodes are airing. Amber has agreed to DVR them for me. I am very thankful. ;O)

I am dissapointed I am having scheduling conflicts. I can't wait to make it on Wednesday.

Amy said...

Hi niel, Im Amy from Pastor Garretts church , I watch those same shows , I can tape american idol for ya and bring the tape tommarrow night!!! but i must say Im with you wife and daughter , I want Kelly to win!!!

Neil said...

Thanks Amy! I won't hold the Kelly thing against you or preach about you...but would certainly appreciate seeing the tape!