Monday, March 27, 2006

Sometimes It Just Hits You
I really don't mean to sound super-spiritual, because I'm not...I've got issues like everyone else. Tonight I wanted to go walk and my wife was willing but not really wanting to, she's tired...I should be understanding, but wasn't as understanding as I should I really am human not super christian. But...I have been hit by what the Spirit of God is doing in the lives of people everywhere I go, especially this week. Last week while in Illinois I was impacted by the presence of God that moved on a young man named Hunter, he's probably between the age of 7-9, rarely has a child gotten into my spirit like he did. During revival the Holy Spirit moved on him and he spoke in an unknown language, worshipped and loved on Jesus, I sense that God has something special planned for his life. On Sunday during the altar service at our church our Bishop had the youth lay hands on adults, it was powerful. During this time of ministry I observed one of the teens named Tori, as she laid her hands on one lady the lady fell into her arms weeping and that young 15 year old wept with her, comforted her, and ministered to was powerful! I've observed this Tori ministering to this same lady and others in a powerful manner, and again, I see the hand of God upon her life. Then there's Tyler who simply goes after the Lord, I can't leave out Jessica and Bryanna who are 7 and 9, that dance before the Lord with all of their might, sometimes more seriously than others, but always unto the Lord. I am reminded that God said His Spirit would be poured out on our sons and daughters, that this blessing of the Holy Spirit is for our children and their children as well. I'm reminded of a prophetic word spoken in Champaign, Illinois several years ago when the Spirit said that revival would come, slowly, like hot lava, and that He would wait for the children...could it be that His waiting is over and the children are arising to their finest moment? I pray so!


Sarah said...

A few weeks ago during a Sunday night service my 10 year old daughter wept before the Lord. She wept.

That same night I was praying over Hunter and he began praying and praising with such declaration and authority.

Those kids ministered to me in a way I could not explain. To watch them in total reverence to God and total oblivious to those around them was awesome...and humbling.

Amy said...

I LOVE to see children worshiping God, They go before him and praise him with such humility and humbleness, & its so pure with no hidden agendas, , It does say in Gods word to Go before Him as little children!! So awesome!!

Deborha's Palm Tree said... awesome!

michigan preacher said...

We always talk in our home about salvation, we take the time for family devotions (not as often as we should, to my shame). My oldest girl, then 5, said she wanted to be with Jesus. We knew what she meant. So we helped her to pray to Jesus and ask him to forgive her sins. She loves Christ so much, and she knows enough to know that the Holy Spirit can touch us. She wants the baptism in the Holy Spirit. It's so amazing to see God working in my kids.

Darrell said...

I love just sitting back and observing kids as they worship and pray. One of my favorite parts of youth camp is watching them in the altars. When we get the adults out of the way with all our hangups and "stuff" of how we do church, those kids just flat out go after God. We adults could learn so much from them, if we would just follow their lead when it comes to their worship and devotion to Christ.
It kind of reminds me of what it is like to go to a foreign land where they have never heard of Jesus before. When they experience Christ, and there is a bubbling in their soul, they just begin to jump or dance and shout... because this is a natural way to express what they are feeling, and no one has told them that it is wrong or undignified.

God help us to become that innocent again in our expression of love and worship to You!

Libby said...

Darrell once asked our church kids why they don't worship at our church the way they do at youth camp. Essentially they said they couldn't. They adults wouldn't allow it. They are starting to get there now and it has been so awesome seeing the kids get free in their worship at home as well.