Monday, March 20, 2006

A Snowy Revival...Something's Falling
I began revival in Galesburg, IL with Pastors Darrell and Libby Garrett, they and their children are long time friends and wonderful people. Yesterday we had two powerful services, this is a church that is hungry for more of the Lord, desirous to move to new levels in their walk and worship. It is exciting to be where people want to move beyond where they are. I hear some ministers and christian being critical of the new or next level concept, saying that it is faddish and that once we are in Christ we have all that we need...I disagree! In Christ we do have all that we need and we need all we have...but, even though Christ is all that we need and He has deposited all that we need within us...the scripture is quite clear that we move from glory to glory, that we add to and multiply those things God has deposited in our lives...God is progressive and so should we be, always moving towards Him, casting off and putting on, growing in the grace of God and developing those spiritual gifts that lay within us. This church is moving towards the Lord and it's exciting to be here! They are calling for snow on this first day of Spring. The weather forecast is for 3-5 inches tonight and another 1-2 inches tomorrow...pray for us...I hate snow and it can be a real revival killer...doesn't have to be though. When I was a teen I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in a January or February revival...we got snowed out one night, but the meeting continued powerfully...pray that our meeting will not be detoured or distracted!


Neil said...

Well, it's here! The snow began sometime late last night, after midnight and is still coming down. We've probably gotten 3-4 inches. Hopefully it will stop early today and the roads will be cleared so we can still have church. It's jeans night and we can wear casual clothes.

Thus far I feel we've had a good revival...the Lord is good!

Henry Haney said...

Praise God- right now we're in revival too. I'm believing God to continue to bless and move in your services in Galesburg. (and for a break in the weather :) )