Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Chocolate Fix
It's happening again today...I needed, No, I had to have Chocolate! I took my daughter to the orthodontist, we stopped for a slice of pizza, took her home and came back to the office. Drank a huge bottle of water, ate some Wendy's crouton's and all of a sudden found myself on a search for chocolate. The cafeteria lady offered pudding, that wouldn't normal supplier was out of their classroom and the lady watching their kids was having a hard time with them and I was certain that she wouldn't know where the stash was...and then I saw her, the teacher with the stash...she told me where it was and I helped myself to one for each hand...special dark chocolate and a regular chocolate...miniatures mind you...but chocolate none the less!
I will rid the world of bite at a time!


Amy said...

ROTFLOL!!! Have you tried the new cherry cordale hershey kisses !!........... AWESOME!!!!!

Neil said...

No, but they sound good! Ever since the Easter season I've craved chocolate...I love the Lindts Truffles, white or dark! I did eat some Harry and David's Chocolate covered cherries...excellent and some coffee flavored...of course, reese's bites work well too!

ruthrap said...

have you tried any Joseph Schmits? probably spelled it wrong, but seriously, Neil, sounds like you are out of control!! you may need to seek the help of Chocolate Cravers' anonoymous!

Neil said...

I need help...badly! Though, I may not crave any today...the day is young and it is yet to be seen what will take place!

Haven't tried the one you mentioned but will if I come across it!