Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Where Are We Going?
Call me philisophical, crazy, prophetic, wacked out...whatever...But I think we have to ask ourselves where in the world are we going? If you watch the television, read the newspaper, search online, and listen to people talk, things in our world are getting rather strange. Understand me here, while I am sounding an alarm, but I'm not running to the mountain or in my case, not waiting on the beach for the Lord to return...Every morning I do two things faithfully: 1) Watch CNN as I prepare for work; 2) Read CNN Online and do a survey. It's really rather depressing; floods, wars, politics, abuses of all kinds, diseases, and death. To tell you the truth, it's quite depressing and then all the prophetic preaching I've heard in my life comes to mind...is this the beginning of the end, the end of time or the time of the end.
I tend to believe that it is the time of the end and am constantly reminded that things of this nature have always taken place, but it appears to me that they're increasing.
My response to all of this is not to panic or be fearful. The end times are not about being fearful, scaring the devil out of people or walking around yelling the sky is falling...It's an opportunity to share the message of the Kingdom and to tell people that there is a King to come!
I think somehow we need to discover where we're at and where we're going. When I was a teen ager Wade Bell, a Church of God missions rep came to our church, he had charts and diagrahms describing the end times. Forty years from the establishment of Israel as a nation and the church will be raptured he declared! We've passed that time and are still here...is the Lord coming? Absolutely! Sooner than later...don't know..timing is not the issue, readiness is...preparation and outreach is the answer...what do you think?


Sarah said...

I had a conversation with my Mom not too long ago that scared her. Anytime I go against popular belief or question something she gets fearful.

What generation hasn't thought "This is the end"? I know the argument is that things are worse now. The signs are wars and the diseases so on and so forth. But wasn't that true previously?

My grandmother thought the 60's were horrible and way worse than she was growing up and it must be the end. Weren't the signs pointing at that time to be "the end"?

I understand your point is being prepared no matter what time it is. I just have hard time listening to cries that "This is it!" It is something that really irritates me. Because like you said, it doesn't really matter when it happens because at some time you'll have to answer - Are you with me or against me?

If God is the only one who truly knows that exact time, what makes us qualified to be give an estimate time frame?

BTW - I'm talking in general not specific to anything you mentioned on a time frame. =)

Henry Haney said...

I agree that we get in trouble any time we get the charts out and construct a timetable. Having said that- Jesus told us we could know when it was near...even at the doors. The signs are in the bible for a reason. I don't think it's so we can head for the hills and quit working, but rather that we will have an urgency in the way we live and work for Him.

Matthew 24:33 Even so, when you see all these things, you know that it is near, right at the door (NIV)

Neil said...

Henry and Sarah,

I think you both are right and are both getting my point! There are two extremes, one that says the sky is falling and the other identified by Jesus that says the Lord is delaying His coming. My point is that while everything around indicates we are in the season of the end, it's not time to pack our suitcases and sit on the curb singing Kumbiya...If we really believe the Lord is coming shouldn't there be action on our part to exemplify it in our daily walk?

We've been telling it for years, in every generation there has been a message concerning the return of Christ, but if we truly believe this is the final generation, then words are not enough, we must walk like it!

People all around are talking about the increased signs, the changes in weather patterns and activities, things we read in end time scripture, but has it changed our lifestyles? I'm talking about myself, do we live with urgency...not fear...but anxious expectation of Christ coming to us and coming for us or are we just worked up about what we see and hear?

michigan preacher said...

Upon reading this today, a particular verse is in my spirit, from the parable of the minas in Luke, where the Master tells his servants to "occupy (do business) till he comes". In other words, get busy for the Lord. His soon coming is a source of comfort and joy for us (1 Thess. 4:18), but also a reminder that the time is short, and the fields are in need of harvest. Paul told us to redeem the time, or make the most of every opportunity because the days are evil. People need to hear the Gospel.

Thanks for getting me thinking about this, Neil.


Rev.Steve said...

I agree that we must occupy till he comes. However, Neil I think watching CNN could be your problem. If you watch Fox news you might be better off. LOL

Neil said...

I used to watch Fox News, it is certainly more conservative, but I hate listening to all the crap between the three host to get to the news...I want the headlines, not all the goofiness...get to the point is my motto!