Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Is Anyone Responsible For Anything Anymore?
Have you read the latest? Paul McCartney and his wife are now splitting know who's fault it is? The Media's! Now, Im not saying that the media couldn't drive a person crazy, it must be difficult living your life in public...but, they chose it and now they want to blame others for the inability to solve their problems, resolve their issues, and go on with life. Call me uncompassionate if you will, but it reminds me of my 14 year old daughter, who regardless of what she has done has never done anything...even if you catch her in it. This isn't anything new, in the Garden of Eden Adam and Eve insisted it was some one else's fault they sinned, it was the woman's fault, it was the serpent's fault. When Moses came down from the mountain with God, Aaron blamed the people for his involvement in the creation of an idol..."I don't know what happened...these people wanted this...So I just threw the gold into the fire and a cow jumped out!" And in many churches this is the big one, "The Devil Made Me Do it!" Could it be that in order to live effectively we must be responsible?


Donny Prater said...

You hit the nail on the head! Nobody takes responsibility for anything because of pride. And we all know who the father of pride is!

Jesse said...

How true this is! And along with the 'blame someone else but me' mentality, is the 'pop another pill to help you deal with it group' rather than just DEAL WITH YOUR ISSUE!