Monday, May 15, 2006

Reality Television and Radio Talk Shows
I've come to realize that I am addicted to radio talks shows and reality television...I think I need deliverance! Yesterday while eating Mother's Day lunch with my family my kindergarten daughter announced that next Tuesday was her kindergarten response, "I can't make it, that's the night they announce the American Idol winner!" Of course I was just kidding, but the truth is while I wouldn't miss anything like that ever, but I do love American Idol, Survivor, Nashville Star...and Radio Talk Shows...I listen to Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Phil Henry, and whoever else is on my radio when I'm driving...then I talk back to the people idiots...rant and rave...shake my head...and wonder how in the world these people come up with this stuff.
Perhaps I need a break from all of this...I'm not really addicted, but I am rather involved in it all. My wife and I leave for Kenya in a couple of weeks, perhaps the chain will be broken...or I'll come back with a chocolate on a hot day!


michigan preacher said...

Rush? He's good, but I like listening to Sean Hannity. He's right up my alley!

Blessings, brother!

Neil said...

I listen to them all, get mad at them all, agree and disagree with them all. Rush is arrogant, but makes some good observations...all in all it doesn't really matter...I just like the controversy!

Henry Haney said...

Take heart just a few short weeks all of the shows will have their finales and you will be left with nothing but summer reruns....this should expedite your deliverance :)

Actually, I've been watching AI pretty faithfully this year- I'm gonna keep watching as long as Kat's still in the competition. That young lady can sing!

Neil said...

How true Henry!

See, nature itself knows how to break our bondages off! Reruns and commercials drive me nuts...I surf constantly during commercials!