Monday, May 01, 2006

This Thing About Isaac
I sound like a broken record but can't help it...Isaac is coming! last week I opened the latest edition of Ministries Today and there was an article by well reneown pastor/author R.T. Kendall entitled, "Isaac Is Coming!" Today I went to the office and our office manager brought an article from Charisma that had a portion written in it that got it..."Isaac Is Coming!" Does God have to speak to a person any clearer than this? There are things that God spoke into our lives years ago that haven't come to pass, we must be careful not to confuse our promise with our passion and misplace the purpose of the promise. If what we birth doesn't produce the harvest God promised us then we will have birthed an Ishmael...a wild child that controls our lives and redirects our future. Isaac will produce joy and laughter, he will birth the fullfillment of God's covenant with us...remember, covenant always comes from God to us, not from us to God! It really isn't a matter of what we present to God, it's a matter of what God presents to us and what we do with what those things God presents. I'm pumped and am believing God for awesome things in the lives of His children. In the words of a song I heard Jeanie Tenney sing, "Waiting on You, Waiting on You, Patiently Waiting on You...I'm not worried about the time, strength I seem to find, while I am waiting on You!" Isaac Is Coming!


Darrell said...

Neil, first of all, it's your blog, so you have the right to talk about what ever you want.
Second, and more importantly, don't ever apologize for talking about what God is doing! I've told you before, you worry too much!

Speaking for myself, I am excited about this, and I know many others are too. There is something stirring in the spirit realm that is getting louder and louder, and it seems just about everywhere I go someone says something to the effect that they can tell God is about to do something major.

Keep talking about it my friend. Somepeople will snooze right through it, and just maybe the sound of a voice trying to prepare them will awaken some.

Neil said...


This Isaac thing is embedded in me, but it also goes back to an earlier word, "Some Must Enter In", Isaac isn't coming to the unexpectant, to those who are satisfied to be childless or to enjoy other peoples children...He is coming to those that are looking for him!