Wednesday, May 24, 2006

School's Out For The Summer!
Well, it's almost over! Last night we had kindergarten graduation and our daughter Madison graduated...I know she's mine...but she is so cute! Tomorrow Kaitlin our 14 year old graduates from 8th grade...I'm still trying to get that one through my head...she'll be driving soon!
School is out today at Heritage Academy the school my works at and that I am chancellor of, I have to admit I'm happy and sad. I love the excitement of the first day, my adrenaline runs extremely high and the last day they're out as fast as they came in...and you sigh with some relief that we've made it another year.
I think living for the Lord is like that too! We enter with excitement, endure some hardships, at the end of the trial we're glad it's over, and then begin to gear up for the next race. I'm determined to win, I am determined to leave behind a legacy my children do not have to be ashamed of...if I leave them nothing, I pray that I leave behind a good name and a proper example of what a christian parent should be. Call me philisophical if you will, I've been in a funeral, a graduation, and an awards ceremony in the last two days...I want more than anything to be pleasing to God and an example to others!

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