Saturday, May 13, 2006

Happy Mother's Day
I have been blessed to be surrounded by beautiful and godly women all of my life. My Mother raised me to believe in God, the church, and living a life of integrity. My sister provided an example of a what a teen age christian should be, and served God from the time she was a child. My grandmother was a minister for nearly 50 years and imparted things into me I didn't realize she was imparting, she also gave to me two aunts that are both godly and spiritual ladies, they both have made an impact on me that is beyond my ability to describe. Nineteen years ago I married the greatest gift God could ever give a man...My wife Julie! She is a beautiful woman, but to really experience her beauty you have to hang out with her...Outwardly she is gorgeous...but what is inside of her is phenomenal...I am so blessed to have her in my life. To this marriage we have been blessed with two wonderful daughters, gorgeous little girls that bring such joy to our lives and are quickly growing into young women. In fact, Kaitlin, our oldest daughter is so cute...her mother says she looks like her and acts like me...if you know me well that means trouble...the youngest is cute like a Barbie...How thankful I am to be surrounded in life by these wonderful women of God!

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Amy said...

your wife is beautiful and your girls are so cute,Gbu all!!