Friday, May 05, 2006

I've Figured My Problem Out...
I'm just tired! I know that I've said I'm done blogging, but I haven't left Florida yet and still have DSL, so I thought I'd drop by for a moment. I'm just tired, have you ever been there? Not tired of anything in particular, just tired in general.
I'm on my way to Louisville to preach revival, so I think that I'll sleep in until 8:30 AM every morning while I'm there and on Friday when I return I'll stay in bed until 8:00 AM, and on Saturday I'll lay around sleeping and watching television all day...until I get tired of that...After that I should be rested up and ready to run at it again.
Maybe I'm just getting old...I'm simply worn out...can't think...feel uncreative...unuseful...tired!
I believe in the power of's always better tomorrow...and to tell you the truth...Today ain't all that bad!


Clay said...

where are you going to be here in 'ville??? you know, derby is tomorrow!

Neil said...

I fly in tomorrow afternoon, think my flight arrives at 5:25 It just hit me a day or so ago that Derby was this weekend...suppose all of Don's people will be there on the weekend?