Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A Time For Intensity?
When I was a child Doris Day sang a song that I loved: "Que Sara Sara", the words went like this: "Que Sara Sara, Whatever Will Be Will Be...the Future's Not Our's To See...Que Sara Sara!"
I loved the song and went around singing throughout the house all the time. Today I began to ponder that thought, I know that we cannot know exactly what our future holds, that we cannot see all that lies ahead for us...but I think that there is something missing when we simply leave our lives up in the air without any concern for the future. I believe that good things lie before those that seek the Lord. The scriptures say that He knows the way that we take and that our steps are ordered by the Lord...perhaps we need to become more intense about our relationship with the Lord...perhaps it's time to step up our efforts and find out where God is, where and how He is moving and move with Him.

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Amy said...

ITA !! amen neil!!