Thursday, May 04, 2006

It is becoming obvious to me that I have a couple serious addictions that must be dealt with in my life: 1) American Idol; 2) Nashville Star; 3) Survivor; and 4) Chocolate...OK, 4 addictions, but who's counting!
In the beginning of this years American Idol I was a Paris Bennett fan, she is cute, can sing the bark off a tree, and appeared to be a christian. After a few weeks Paris began to move away, perhaps in an effort to show she can be diverse...but she got to singing some nasty stuff...things I wouldn't have thought of a christian...I started voting for others and then back to her and then on to Katharine...and now Paris is gone.
While I admit that I've not been voting for her I do wonder what it was that kept people from voting for this young lady...who obviously had one of the very best voices in the contest?
I'll miss Paris...probably I really wanted her to win, just got irritated that she at one minute was pointing her finger towards heaven saying she has favor and the next week is singing about rolling on the floor with some man...If we're going to use the christian christian!
Pray for my deliverance! I'm done blogging for awhile...I fly out to Louisville, KY on Saturday afternoon for a revival and don't know what my internet options are going to be...if I'm on dial up...I'm in more than likely I'll not post for a few days...of course, I've not posted much interesting stuff lately...perhaps an absence would be a good thing! See Ya!


The 6 Karns' said...

Have a good trip, Neil. I haven't been blogging much lately, either! It's been crazy - and I feel I have nothing to say...hmm, surprising, I know.

Neil said...

I think that's where I am...have allot to say and yet nothing to say. I've got many thoughts but don't want my blog to be a sermon blog, and I'm turning it into an Idol fan I need to back off! Back before too long!