Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Adjust The Settings!

We have a calendar on our church web site that shares all the monthly activities of our church. It's not a fancy thing, quite basic in nature, but it allows us to share what we do and for others to participate in which ever activities interest them. Last week I just happened to venture by our web site and check the schedule, you won't believe the shock that over took me when I noticed that all of my entries simply read: "Busy", the times were correct, but it just said "Busy!" I wasn't sure how that happened and was hoping that no one else had noticed, or at least no one I knew...well, you know it couldn't be that easy, someone stopped by my office today and mentioned it...I was horrified, well, bothered to say the least.
Quickly I emailed our web host and asked how to fix this error of mine, what is it that I need to to, after a brief response from him I went to my calendar provider and low and behold, the checking of one box opened my calendar to the whole world...I just needed to adjust the setting.
There's a spiritual lesson to be learned here, often in life we see things as blurred and out of sync, life as we know it is out of adjustment and we don't know what to do. If you're like me, and you are, we look for all sorts of things to correct our situations, we call people, email them, ask their advise, all the while hoping for some complex answer to solve our simple issue...We need to check the settings!
The settings are those places in our lives where God has made deposits, the entrance points of the Holy Spirit where He has touched us, places that in times past have been rearranged by the Lord to improve our serve. Settings are those areas the Word of God speaks to directly in us, things we don't have to pray about, we just have to do them. Isn't it amazing how we can avoid the settings and ask God to move in places He's already in, to speak about things He's already addressed? We get so busy in life that we look for something quick and easy, or we believe our situation is so unique that we overlook the obvious...check the settings!
When I was a new convert my mother talked about my shine, the glow of the Lord in my new found relationship with Him. As I learned to walk with Him I quickly found out that Christianity doesn't remove humanity, and that I continuously needed to adjust my shine so that I could continue to reflect the glory of the Lord...Sometimes we just need to be tweaked!

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