Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Stormy Winds & My Two Sons!
Last night in Jensen Beach we felt the effects of Tropical Storm Noel, rain came along with strong winds, at times I thought the tent was going to blow over. Yet, the Lord revealed Himself through His Word and by the working of the Holy Spirit. As simple as this sounds I am so thankful that God knows who we are, where we are, and how to touch our lives, if it were not for the Lord where would we be? While I was gone there was an addition to our home, a new kitten...He is so cute and crazy, one minute he's licking on my finger, the next he's trying to eat me...I've fallen in love with him already! And then there's Gizmo, our Shitzu. We've had him since our 15 year was in third grade and until today I've never actually touched him...I don't touch dogs...Period! Today I guess I felt guilty for paying so much attention to the new addition that I actually petted him a couple times and let him ride in the car with me...I'm quite confident it won't become a habit, but it stretched me to say the least!

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