Thursday, October 04, 2007

I have just concluded a series of revival meetings in Elyria, OH, and am now spending a couple days with my friends. My flight leaves on Saturday afternoon and I can't wait to get home. I've missed my wife and daughters, our oldest daughter Kaitlin has been sick, but she is doing better, the Lord has ministered to her. She also informed me that if I were to buy her something it would help...I offered to share my new House of Blues shirt...she's not buying the offer! I've missed my world, Oasis World Outreach, Heritage Academy, the babies in K-3, my office and my pastor. I've missed Florida, there really is no place like home! While I've missed all these things terribly, I needed to be here and will leave with a refreshed spirit. Something happened in my spirit this week, I felt no pressure to perform, didn't need to be anything I wasn't, the people received me...for me! Service after service I shared God's Word, and they received and responded to it, they pulled the preach right out of me and allowed me to say what I felt the Holy Spirit said to me...And then we went home! Perhaps it's just a preacher thing, but it was a joy to minister to people that simply loved God and wanted His Word and that enjoyed hanging out with a little fat guy from Florida. I will return home fresh and renewed, ready for the next place, encouraged and ready to love God, love people, and to tell them of the awesome grace of's our mission you know! PS: For those who think my wife doesn't really exist, this is our picture at a recent Tampa Bay Devil Rays game. I'm looking old and fat, she's still hot after all of these years! She's younger than me of course...I married up!


Ken said...

So Mrs. Columbo does exist! LOL

I've been praying for you, Friend! Your recent revival here continues to impact the Church in a positive way. You are a great friend and I appreciate the prayers on my behalf!

Neil said...

Yes, she really does, though now people will say I just got some woman to let me take a picture with her!
Glad things are positive, I really did enjoy being there, and being your friend is both an honor and a joy! Tell Deb and Sam hello, and pray for me, I've still got two days left with Thom!