Monday, October 15, 2007

When my wife and I married we agreed that we would wait five years before we had children, after all, we were going to be evangelists the rest of our lives and may never have kids...too busy working for the Lord you know! Our first children was born within a month and half of our fifth anniversary, while we were in our second much for life long evangelism. After Kaitlin came around we were never having any more children, I couldn't imagine loving another as much as I loved/love her, then we went on vacation, there was a baby epidemic in North Carolina where we were vacationing and I came home wanting another little one. Today I'm home with my eight year old, she's got a fever and a tummy ache, so I brought her home from school, she went immediately to bed and I haven't seen her since. It bothers me when my kids are sick, when I can't fix the wrong things, sick things, inner things, when I can't make things different for them. I struggle when I don't have all the answers, when I have to tell them no, or that we can't afford it, or not now. It bothers me when they struggle and when they hurt...I want to make it better. I wonder how the Lord feels when we struggle? Our issues and struggles, our sickness and our pain are no problem for Him, but I wonder how God feels when His kids are sick?

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'Kizzie' said...

This is a good reminder.. it's very easy to forget that He cares about21541621527 when we hurt when we are going through things.